Introducing Big Voice London


Not everyone in the UK feels legally enfranchised or understands their rights. We at Big Voice London want to change that. Enforceable legal equality, inherent to the rule of law, is crucial to the stability and legitimacy of our democracy.  


In 2010 a group of post-graduate law students – then at City Law School – worked together to design a legal outreach project that would help young people explore the UK legal system, particularly the role of the new Supreme Court, and their own legal identity.


Since then, we have grown to explore issues of legal identity, access to justice and the democratic legitimacy of the legal system within the UK through our various projects. Our projects seek to empower young people, who may feel distanced from the world of courts and lawyers by demystifying the legal system and helping young people have a voice in legal policy.


You can see the projects we have run here and our publications here.



Big Voice London: Engaging young people in law and legal policy