What We Do
Big Voice London is a youth organisation supported by, but independent from, the UK Supreme Court. Our aims are two fold:


  • We seek to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, predominantly aged 16-18, through knowledge of the law and legal policy. We believe that these young people have rights that they deserve to understand and opinions that deserve to be heard, and as such we give them an opportunity to develop and express them.

  • We also believe that these young people should have access to the legal profession as a career. Through the opportunities we provide to the students, we aim to enable them to explore the law as a potential vocation, as such increasing diversity within the solicitor profession and the Bar.


We achieve these aims by running projects and activities such as Judgment Writing Competitions, Mooting Competitions and the country’s only Model Law Commission in which our students investigate four areas of law for legal reform, draft legislation and publish a report, which is launched at an event in Parliament. 

Over the past four years we have worked with hundreds of students and a number of different schools. All of the schools we work with are non-fee paying schools, which is a requirement we impose to ensure that we reach out to the students in most need of the opportunities that we offer. We do not however require our applicants to meet any kind of grade threshold, as we believe that all students, regardless of academic ability should have access to projects that help them engage with the law and legal policy that affects their day to day lives. 

Student and Teacher Feedback

I would really like to thank you for the amazing experience that Big Voice London provided. I don't think I would have been able to gain such a thorough understanding on a generally unpublicised area of the law, and the people I was able to meet through this opportunity were invaluable; especially from the Law Commission as I would probably not have ever been able to meet them or gain that level of insight otherwise

- Maria Sarwar, Nower Hill High School

"I would like to say another huge thanks to the BVL team for allowing me to take part in such a brilliant project. This project was amazing as I got the chance to get to grips with a kind of law that I had no awareness of. During the project I managed to acquire a substantial amount of knowledge that will most certainly be of assistance when I go onto higher education."

"This competition along with the Supreme Court Judgment Review project have now equipt me with a level of confidence that seems unlikely of fading and a wealth of legal knowledge that will help me in my upcoming exams."

Big Voice London was very inspirational and interesting experience for me. I had a taste of what law consists of and the skills and abilities you need to get into law. It was not only about learning and doing things people do in the legal system but it was also about having fun doing something you enjoy and are intrigued about. It was nice getting to know new people who have the same interest in law as you do and learning from the mentors who are undertaking law in university - they were full of information which was very helpful because they shed a light on what learning law at University is like. Being in groups and working on a project to create reforms and solve current problems we face today was so fascinating; you learnt about things that you never knew about. Mainly it’s that putting in the hard work while having fun and at the end being able to present something you've worked on is so amazing, it's a big achievement.”

– Nicole Paris Beaumont, City & Islington College


I'd like to pass on that I've had some very positive feedback from students regarding the Model Law Commission. The way you've been able to challenge and stretch students whilst keeping matters within what they can realistically achieve is very encouraging for them and they've been enjoying the experience.”

- Ben Gallagher, Queensmead Sixth Form


"This year we have had more pupils than ever involved with Big Voice. The pupils are very positive and appreciative of the experiences they have had. For the majority of our pupils, these are opportunities they would not be able to access without your support."

- Sarah Bonar, Assistant Head, Sacred Heart School

Student Profiles

Hena Patel - Winner, Mooting Competition 2015



"I am currently reading law at the University of Oxford, and became involved with Big Voice London through the Supreme Court moot competition. I studied Maths, Politics, Economics and English Literature as my A-levels and I somewhat knew that I wanted to enter a career in law. Despite that, I never knew what aspect of law I was interested in, or what career was best suited to my abilities and I believe that by participating in Big Voice’s competition, I became more aware of the vast opportunities that were available.


My insight into the Bar really did inspire me to pursue a career as a barrister and Big Voice London has given me the confidence to embark on this career path. Winning the Supreme Court moot competition was beyond anything I could have imagined! The atmosphere was electrifying, especially as I stood in the court room in front of judges justifying my submissions.


Big Voice London has been an incredible support system for me and has shown me the variety of work and career paths a lawyer can be involved in. Moreover, Big Voice London has given me a mentor to whom I can seek advice and guidance, and an unforgettable experience!"

October 2015

Jessica Savery - Runner-Up, Mooting Competition 2015



"I am currently studying Media, Sociology and Government & Politic A-Levels, all of which I hope will further my ability to go to a Russell Group University to study either Politics or International Relations. After this I plan to convert the course using the GDL to gain a law degree. I’ve chosen this path because I have a deep love for politics and while with the Big Voice London they have taught me many opportunities to gain a law degree – such as the use of a GDL. Before participating in Big Voice London I’ve never heard of such a conversion course. 


As for my experience with the Big Voice London, I have participated in many of their opportunities and they have all benefited me by opening my eyes to so many different areas and aspects of law. One of their events that I have attended was the Criminal Bar Association workshop, as well as the Mooting Competition. Now I am also participating in the Model Law Commission.


While attending the Criminal Bar Association workshop there was a lecture from Barristers on the criminal justice system, in addition to a group discussion. My group managed to participate in many activities to open our eyes to the field. 


For the Mooting Competition there were 30 students and each week there would an elimination round. Each week there would be a new case to appeal. As a finalist, I managed to make it all the way to the Supreme Court where the we appealed a case in front of actual judges. 


Currently in the Model Law Commission I am studying the insanity law defence in Criminal Law. Once our group have gathered a case our group will be presenting it to Parliament in December."

October 2015

Big Voice London is a registered charity in England and Wales (1169238)

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